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Construction site of putty sprayer in Shanxi site

Issuing time:2018-08-07 00:00

"Natural gas has a good foundation as a main energy source, whether from the perspective of economy, technology, cleanliness or global development. Therefore, we put forward the idea of building natural gas as the third major energy source besides coal and oil. Guo Jiaofeng, assistant director and researcher of the Institute of Resources and Environmental Policy of the Development Research Center of the State Council, talked freely about the new concept of natural gas development in China at the International Forum on Sustainable Development of Energy (lng) in Beijing on the 19th.

"Globally, the world has gone through a process of energy transformation from coal to oil and gas to natural gas and renewable energy sources." Guo Jiaofeng believes that from the international development experience, a period of rapid growth of natural gas will basically be around 30 years, this experience can be used for reference by China.

On the other hand, China's natural gas resources are also one of the important factors. According to Guo Jiaofeng, from the perspective of recoverable reserves, China's conventional natural gas resources and shale gas, coalbed methane resources up to 10 billion cubic meters, according to China's annual consumption level of 300 billion to 400 billion can be used for more than 200 years.